Close Combat: Last Stand Arnhem Post Release Trailer

2:12 of cinematic and gameplay footage
Matrix Games, Slitherine Strategies and Strategy 3 Tactics have released a new trailer for Close Combat: Last Stand Arnhem, an enhanced Close Combat version using the latest Close Combat engine with many additional improvements. Its design is based on Close Combat: A Bridge Too Far, originally developed by Atomic Games, as well as the more recent Close Combat: The Longest Day. As the Allies, you will carry out the world's largest airborne operation, Operation Market Garden, to cross the Rhine and bring a swift end to the war or, as the Germans, use a hastily organized set of defense forces to prevent the Allies from reaching their ultimate goal, Arnhem Bridge. Close Combat: Last Stand Arnhem comes with expanded force pools, reserve & static battlegroups, a troop point buying system, ferry and assault crossings, destructible bridges, static forces and much more. Also included in this rebuild are 60+ battles, operations and campaigns including a new enhanced Grand Campaign.