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Date Name
25/02/06 WANTED: A Wild Western Adventure v1.2 German Patch 3.67MB
(N/A) No details available
23/01/03 War and Peace v1.0.2 Patch 7.97MB
(N/A) War and Peace v1.0.2 Patch
10/03/06 War Front: Turning Point Fan Site Kit 13.31MB
(N/A) Everything needed to build a War Front-themed Web ..
31/01/03 War in Russia v3.3 Patch 1.07MB
(N/A) War in Russia v3.3 Patch
03/11/04 War In The Pacific 1.30 Update 16.53MB
(N/A) War In The Pacific 1.30 Update
15/12/04 War In The Pacific 1.40 Update 11.39MB
(N/A) War In The Pacific 1.40 Update
28/04/05 War In The Pacific 1.50 Patch 11.94MB
(N/A) This update includes a large list of fixes and imp..
19/04/06 War In The Pacific 1.80 Patch 73.7MB
(N/A) This resolves a host of issues and makes several i..
18/05/06 War In The Pacific 1.801 Patch 2.37MB
(N/A) This update resolves a number of minor issues that..
10/10/06 War In The Pacific 1.802 Patch 3.84MB
(N/A) The version 1.802 update includes a host of minor ..
24/10/06 War In The Pacific 1.804 Patch 4.06MB
(N/A) The version 1.804 update fixes outstanding bug iss..
23/05/07 War In The Pacific 1.806 Patch 3.34MB
(N/A) Item 1 – Correct issues related to task for..
02/09/06 War In The Pacific Scenario Editor v.6 1.99MB
(N/A) This database editor update is a must for all War ..
22/06/05 War In The Pacific v1.60 Patch 10.89MB
(N/A) This update focuses on some minor bug fixes and a ..
12/09/09 War in the Pacific: Admir...s Edition v1.00.84d Patch 31.16MB
(N/A) This v1.00.84 update includes over 200 changes, fi..
10/12/09 War in the Pacific: Admir...'s Edition v1.00.95 Patch 91.52MB
(N/A) Over 200 changes, fixes and improvements.
04/03/10 War in the Pacific: Admir...s Edition v1.01.02a Patch 92.28MB
(N/A) This update comes with heaps of changes, fixes, an..
29/11/10 War in the Pacific: Admir...s Edition v1.01.06i Patch 98.8MB
(N/A) This first major data update includes dozens of fi..
08/02/12 War in the Pacific: Admir... Edition v1.01.08r9 Patch 100.72MB
(N/A) The sixth official update for War in the Pacific: ..
22/07/10 War in the Pacific: Admir...'s Edition v1.10.6g Patch 92.47MB
(N/A) This update comes with 80 fixes and improvement, i..
28/03/08 War Leaders: Clash of Nations v1.01 German Patch 11.62MB
(N/A) Das knapp 12 MB groe Datenpaket steht ab sofort i..
03/04/08 War Leaders: Clash of Nations v1.1 Patch 247.56MB
(N/A) General - Improvements in performance - Lower l..
30/04/08 War Leaders: Clash of Nations v1.2 Patch 252.7MB
(N/A) TGC - The Games Company hat heute das Update 1.2 f..
20/04/06 War on Terror German Patch v1.03 69.64MB
(N/A) A few multiplayer bugs fixed
29/12/05 War Plan Orange: Dreadnou...c 1922-1930 v.1.151 Patch 9.23MB
(N/A) This update focuses on fixing some minor AI issues..
31/01/06 War Plan Orange: Dreadnou...fic 1922-1930 v1.20 Patch 9.24MB
(N/A) The v1.20 update focuses on adding more detail to ..
20/07/06 War Plan Orange: Dreadnou...ic 1922-1930 v1.205 Patch 10.79MB
(N/A) The v1.205 update focuses on adding more detail to..
26/01/09 War Plan Pacific v1.0.1.0123 Patch 21.38MB
(N/A) If an invasion fleet without carriers attacked a..
05/05/09 War Plan Pacific v1.03 Patch 21.52MB
(N/A) The patch includes a brand new way to play the gam..
28/04/04 War Times Demo Patch 906.13KB
(N/A) War Times Demo Patch
01/04/04 War Times v1.01c 893.27KB
(N/A) War Times Patch v1.01c
28/04/04 War Times v1.02 Patch 925.81KB
(N/A) War Times v1.02 Patch
09/09/05 War World Demo Patch v1.06 18.04MB
(N/A) Some of the most requested changes which are inclu..
16/08/05 War World Patch v1.05 3.9MB
(N/A) Read the changelog!
22/03/06 War World: Tactical Combat v1.09.02 Demo Patch 1.88MB
(N/A) The patch fixes the following: The "go to shop wh..
12/03/03 Warbirds PTO Beta (Mac) 60.82MB
(N/A) Warbirds PTO Beta (MAC)
13/03/03 Warbirds PTO Beta (PC) 57.63MB
(N/A) Warbirds PTO Beta (PC)
21/08/02 Warcraft 2 BattleNet Edition v2.02 Patch 935.24KB
(N/A) Warcraft 2 BattleNet Edition v2.02 Patch
21/08/02 Warcraft 2 Beyond The Dark Portal v1.5 Patch 722.05KB
(N/A) Warcraft 2: Beyond the Dark Portal v1.5 Patch
21/08/02 Warcraft 2 v1.4 Patch 1.19MB
(N/A) Warcraft 2 v1.4 Patch
24/12/04 Warcraft 3 Azeroth Grand Prix Bonus Map 1.78MB
(N/A) Warcraft 3 Azeroth Grand Prix Bonus Map
29/08/05 Warcraft 3 Banewood Bog Bonus Map 411.66KB
(N/A) This land is truly cursed. Rivers of poison, fille..
23/12/05 Warcraft 3 Bomber Command Bonus Map 581.11KB
(N/A) Warring Marines have taken over Icecrown Glacier. ..
17/10/05 Warcraft 3 Brutal Winter Bonus Map 167.78KB
(N/A) The unforgiving winter is upon us... a time when r..
26/09/05 Warcraft 3 Deadfall Bonus Map 179.43KB
(N/A) For years the mages of Moonbrook have debated, "If..
25/06/05 Warcraft 3 Deathrose Bonus Map 350.24KB
(N/A) The Deathrose is a rare flower that grows only in ..
15/07/05 Warcraft 3 DustStorm Bonus Map 204.48KB
(N/A) These barren wastes hold nothing for the living, h..
13/06/05 Warcraft 3 Emerald Shores Bonus Map 192.65KB
(N/A) Fleets sail from distant lands to loot the treasur..
28/10/05 Warcraft 3 Extreme Candy War 2005 Bonus Map 1.31MB
(N/A) Extreme Candy War 2005 is the latest version of Bl..
16/04/05 Warcraft 3 Full Phantom Grove Bonus Map 200.6KB
(N/A) An ancient horror lurks in these twisting paths tu..