221B Baker Street Review

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Graphics: 5.5
Sound : 4.5
Gameplay : 6.0
Multiplayer : N/A
Overall : 5.3
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Genre: Board game/Adventure
Year: 1986
Size: 254 kb

221B Baker Street, isn't that where Sherlock Holmes was supposed to live? Yup, your memory is correct, it is.
Being so you probably can understand that one of the main characters in this game is our very favourite
crime buster Sherlock. Being an innovating game, here you're actually get to solve a number of cases.
By solving, you now have to roll the dice, move the amount of places you get, and then reroll. You will
go into stores, theatres, parks, and other similar town'ish places. Why? To get clues you momo! You see in
order to solve a case you'll need to get a badge at the police station, then you should collect sufficient
clues from various locations throughout the town. When you're confident that you know who the killer is,
what the weapon was used and the motive, you'll return to your very home and solve some questions regarding
the killer. It's not very easy to get it all correct the first time, so it can be smart to have a paper sheet
and write down the clues you find. To make the whole game even a whole lot more interesting you have the
ability to play against 3 of your friends, so one of you may be Sherlock, while another is Irene Adler, or
the police inspector or whoever you find the most cool ;-)

Sadly the board always look the same way, so the only thing that differs a case from another is that of
course a different crime has commited, with a different weapon and a different motive etc. I suppose this
is because a town doesn't really change a whole lot, but still it could be fun with some more changes
between each case.

This is an interesting game which I'm sure is really fun to play with friends, but sadly none were present
at the time I was testing the game so I don't really know. I could simulate a schizophrenic and see, but
as that probably wouldn't do much good I'll just quote a schizo poem the village idiot in Arthur: Quest
for Excalibur (which review you can also read on the page):
Roses are red
Violets are blue
I'm a schizophrenic
and so am I!

The Graphics:
Good graphics which suits the game well. The graphic mode is a bit different than other games, but it is
detailed and I'm sure every Sherlockian will recognise a whole lot of things from the stories.

The Sounds:
Rather little here I'm afraid, but being from 86 I forgive it as it took a few more years till real voice
was put in games. To be honest the lacking of sounds doesn't spoil the fun too much, as reading and thinking
is what you'll be doing the most, and rolling that dice ;>

The Music:
Pretty much the same as above. Could be fun with some music, but not a catastrophe that there aren't any.

The Gameplay:
Easy to roll the dice and moving the characters. No problem using the menu where you chose your character
etc. You can't expect a company to throw in insane key combinations in a game like this, so the characters
being easy to use is pretty much a given ;-)