7 Wonders II
Genre Strategy -> Puzzle
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Date 2007-08-14
Publisher Mumbo Jumbo
Date 2007-08-14
Publisher Mumbo Jumbo
Enjoy newly enhanced and interactive gameplay with incredible animation that surpasses even the original!

7 Wonders instantly transports you back in time to far away lands to complete an unbelievable mission: building the 7 Wonders. This new adventure introduces you to forgotten, yet magnificent structures such as Stonehenge and the Taj Mahal. You'll be dazzled with incredible new power-ups and bonuses and intrigued as you receive pieces of a hidden map, which ultimately uncovers a secret route leading to a wondrous sight that only the best get to see.

Whether you are returning to 7 Wonders or new to the game, 7 Wonders II will mystify you!

Same great game; totally fresh look and feel
Explore, learn about and build 7 new Wonders
Explosive new power-ups such as the Single Cell Bomb and Timer Freeze
Choose what section of the Wonder to build and track your progress
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