8th Wonder of the World
Genre Strategy -> Strategy
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Date N/A
Date 2004-03-12
Publisher GMX Media
North America Retail Box ArtAge Of Wonders places you in a wondrous fantasy world, being destroyed by an encroaching human army, ready to risk your life for its defense! Build up the strength of your leaders to make them Heroes -- unstoppable war machines that can destroy enemy monsters and hideous monsters single-handed Save your land from destruction as you become a legendary warrior!

- Draw from the power of eight different spheres of magic for powerful and dramatic spell effects
- Lord Inioch, emperor of the elven kingdoms, has been overthrown by a series of intrigues -- you will become a leader of the elvish people and fight to restore the throne
- Choose from one of twelve different races in the Land Of Wonders, each with their own combat and magical skills
- Lead a series of armies through over 20 unique scenarios, building their skills and improving their talents -- creating a tight-knit band of warriors that can survive anything
- As you fight and conquer town & cities, you'll earn gold and mana -- spend the gold wisely and store the mana for your magic spells
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