A-10 Cuba
Genre Simulation -> Flight
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Box ArtFamous for its rugged design, unique looks, and 30-millimeter cannon, the A-10 is one serious piece of aerial machinery. A-10 Cuba lets players slip into the titanium cockpit of this close air-support plane and dish out some serious hurt in a fictional campaign against Cuba. It is unfortunate that A-10 Cuba's graphics are so dated, because the physics and flight models are some of the most convincing we've ever tested. Few other flight simulations do such a great job of conveying the feeling of commanding an aircraft, whether it is the landing gear struts compressing when we braking on the runway or the plane's crazy behavior when damaged. The attention to detail in the cockpit also deserves praise, as nearly every button, knob, display, and handle is rendered as an interactive object. It takes a lot of practice to get familiar with its complexities, but the reward is in knowing you are handling one of the most realistic re-creations of a military aircraft ever crafted. Ultimately, the worst thing about A-10 Cuba is the lack of missions. The designers gave us this great aircraft to fly and then didn't give us enough to do with it. The "campaign" is just a series of linked missions without much of an overarching story line to hold them together. The skies are alive with other aircraft, but they never talk to one another. Much like the aircraft it simulates, A-10 Cuba is all business, and players who want a flight simulator with personality should look elsewhere. --T. Byrl Baker Pros: Superb flight model The game world is packed with activity both related and unrelated to your missions Fully functioning cockpit is fun to toy with Cons: Graphics don't have a lot of detail and are showing their age No real story elements to the campaign, and no chatter from other aircraft or the control tower
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