A-Train 8
Genre Simulation -> Simulation
Today's Rank 25354
Date 2008-02-29
Date 2008-02-29
As a manager of a railroad company, elected as mayor of your city, your task is to create the best public transport systems possible, manage them and adapt fares to successfully improve the city through the year, taking into account the different seasons and the effect they could have on the system you create. The game also features thirty maps that can be modified and enlarged, as well as a city editor with a choice of 120 buildings and 53 trains.

Real replicas of trains with an inner view of the locomotives.
Approx thirty preconceived maps that can be modified and enlarged.
City editor with a choice of 120 buildings and 53 trains
Innovative stock system exchange with 50 companies
Changing seasons and moments of the day
Options to integrate your own music in game
Permanent evolution of the game to create a consistent network
Train Window Mode
Detailed management
Map construction option
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