Absolute Zero
Genre Action -> Action
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Date N/A
Publisher Activision
Date N/A
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North America Retail Box ArtIn the days before the Internet, in the days before Nintendo--heck, in the days before graphics--gamers spent hours in the interactive fictional worlds of Infocom. Now these classics are back. If you've never played an Infocom game before, think this: Myst, only without the pretty pictures. The gamer interacts with the game via text commands, and the world is visualized within the gamer's own imagination. Whether you enjoy pulp noir, high fantasy, comedy, Lovecraftian horror, hard science fiction, spies, action-adventure, or a genre-blending mix, Infocom has a superbly written game for you.The Infocom Adventure Collection contains the following classic adventures:A Mind Forever VoyagingArthur: The Quest for ExcaliburBallyhooBeyond ZorkBorder ZoneBureaucracyCutthroatsDeadlineEnchanterHollywood HijinxInfidelJourneyLeather Goddesses of PhobosThe Lurking HorrorMoonmistNord and Bert Couldn't Make Heads or Tails of ItPlanetfallPlundered HeartsSeastalkerSherlock in the Riddle of the Crown JewelsSorcererSpellbreakerStarcrossStationfallSuspectSuspendedTrinityWishbringerWitnessZork 1Zork 2Zork 3Zork Zero
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