Actua Ice Hockey 2
Genre Sport -> Sport
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Date N/A
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The box for Actual Ice Hockey 2 promises fast, action-packed, gameplay with the physical contact of the real thing. Closer examination reveals the "Suitable for ages three upwards" warning. As it turns out, three-year-olds may have more fun with this game than anyone else, such are the convolutions of the control pad.All the usual options are there--arcade versus realistic, championship versus friendly--but nothing that takes the game out of the ordinary. The default playing periods are ridiculously short, but still engaging. Game time is quick and slick, but takes time to master. Graphically the game is showing its age, and today's gamers won't be impressed, for all that it retains exciting aspects. If you are looking for a worthwhile gaming experience, NHL 99 is a considerably better game, but discerning gamers will, however, find Actua Ice Hockey 2 a fun diversion. --Paul Munford
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