Against Rome
Genre Strategy -> RTS
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Date 2004-05-13
Publisher Encore Software
Date 2004-02-27
Against Rome Against Rome United Kingdom Retail Box ArtAgainst Rome challenges you to master the art of war -- and take on the invincible Roman Legions! Conquer and plunder as you lead a horde of barbarians in several military campaigns, in the ancient world. Earn Glory Points by fighting & use them to teach your chieftain new skills Multiplayer support for up to 8 players

- Lead the Teutons, Huns and Celts in 24 incredible campaign missions
- Stand against the Romans in five different regions - Britain, Germany, Eastern Europe, Russia and Italy
- Real-time strategy action as you raid and conquer Roman towns and settlements
- Unique units, buildings and battle formations for each tribe -- even heathen magic is available to each tribe
- Plunder your enemy's resources as you continue to build up your armies and face the Romans
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Against Rome North America Retail Box Art

Against Rome United Kingdom Retail Box Art