Age of Empires Rise of Rome
Genre Strategy -> RTS
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North America Retail Box ArtOnce you've squeezed the utmost out of your Assyrians and Minoans in Age of Empires I, what you need is the Rise of Rome expansion. There are four new civilisations at your beck and call, two in the last thousand years BC (Carthaginian and Macedonian) and two that span the BC-AD divide (Palmyran and Roman), the latter taking us all the way to 476 AD. There are also new units, technologies, campaigns and map types to assimilate. Among the campaigns you will find Hannibal's crossing of the Alps with added elephants (there's a mild pachyderm fixation evident in this expansion as one of the new units is an armoured elephant) and Caesar slugging it out with Mark Antony and Cleopatra.There is no on-line help for this expansion, just the manual that describes the additional features, but if you've played your way through the original, you won't have any problems.Rome, as you may recall, wasn't built in a day; nor will it be in this game which builds on its solid and successful precursor. The graphics are still wonderful as is the attention to detail--if you're hooked on Age of Empires, buy this now for many more hours of empire-building entertainment. --Mark Whitehorn
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