AI War Alien Bundle
Genre Strategy -> RTS
Today's Rank 0
Date N/A
Publisher Arcen Games
Date N/A
Publisher Arcen Games
The AI War Alien Bundle places the base game together with all three of its released expansions -- The Zenith Remant, Children of Neinzul, and Light of the Spire -- to make one mega RTS/4X pack. Individually purchased, all the content runs just under $44 USD combined, but the Alien Bundle goes for just $29.99 USD standard. On top of that, an additional 30% has been marked off the lower price point as part of the anniversary sale. Why "Alien" Bundle? The expansions focus on the discovery of the major alien races in the game, and while the bundle does include all of AI War's released content, terms like "Complete" and "Gold" just don't sit well as the series still has future content updates and expansions in the works.
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