AI War: Fleet Command
Genre Strategy -> RTS
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Date N/A
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Indie developer Arcen Games has released a new version of AI War: Fleet Command, a cooperative RTS game (1-8 players) with numerous unique ship types, challenging AI in 26 styles, many with unique superweapons, as well as insanely high unit counts: 30,000+ ships in most games.

The game now supports smaller galaxy maps in addition to the existing sizes.
- Enhancements to zoom.
- Many new settings options, including better support for windowed modes.
- Many, many new display modes available in galaxy view.
- Ship borders now flash in far zoom when they take damage.
- Minimap enhancements, including minimap display modes.
- Icons for important enemy ships are now shown in the Intel Summary of the galaxy map.
- Minor planetary summary (the palette on the right side of the screen) improvements.
- Ship autotargeting is now much improved. Overkill is a thing of the past.
- The AI now acts a little bit smarter at guard posts, retreating more often when needed.
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Screenshots added: 2009-06-12