Aide de Camp 2
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North America Retail Box ArtThe Universal Boardgame Conversion and PBEM Assistance Utility Aide de Camp2 is the ultimate gamer's tool for converting board or boxed games into a fully playable computer version intended for Play-by-E-mail (PBEM). While designed primarily for wargames, ADC2 is flexible enough to handle any game or application where moveable "pieces" are placed on top of some sort of schematic base. ADC2 has can be used for non-game applications too, limited only by the user's imagination. Some of the more interesting uses we've heard of include wildlife resource management, astronomical star charts, a teaching aid for high school level anatomy classes, military map exercise, and even as a home improvement project planning tool. The system has built-in routines for common game-type functions, such as movement and combat. Essentially, ADC2 allows you to convert any game from paper, cardboard or plastic into electrons so the game does not need to be physically set up. Once the set is created you can then play your turn, save the file and either send it to your opponent or "hot seat" on the same computer. All movement and combat are saved in a replay file, which can then be viewed by your opponent just as if he was watching a video of your turn. Small squares allow for unconstrained piece placement, as with "area" games. Security passwords have been included for PBEM games. Support for 32-bit color depth. Single key "flip" command for flipping units to their back side. The ability to create sets for any type of game - area movement games, parlor games, even pure card games. Hidden units can be defined. A player's force can either be totally or partially hidden, with definable search ranges if desired. This will support "double blind" gaming systems. Replay files can include .bmp graphic, .wav sound, and .avi video footage support. Text placement onto the map is fully adjustable for font, size, and text color. ADC2 comes complete with several sample games.

- Maps may contain up to 60,000 hexes or squares. Map/Boards can be printed on paper or to a .BMP file. BMP files can be imported when creating piece and map/board symbols.
- Grids can be "true hexes", squares, or offset squares.
- Over 30,000 pieces can be defined. Pieces can be assigned up to 16 editable characteristics/values, plus named and a hidden status.
- Map/Boards can now be imported as .BMP files (scanned in maps, for example).
- Force pools include a "random draw" feature...essentially allowing for "chit cup" drawing. Unit facing can now be defined for 6 or 12 points.
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