AirBuccaneers HD
Genre Action -> Action
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AirBuccaneers Steam Trailer (HD)
37.34MB - 40 downloads - 14 December, 2012

Welcome to the ancient North that, once the cradle of culture and peace, is now corrupted by magic and inhabited by nasty bandits sowing destruction in airships. Choose to be a vicious Buccaneer or an infamous Viking and take a glider to the skies. Your goal is to drop enemy vessels and secure dominance of the ancient North.

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AirBuccaneers HD Beta Launch Trailer (HD)
35.48MB - 44 downloads - 16 October, 2012

New features in Beta: - Redefined gameplay mechanics - AI enemies (Octopuses flying airships!) - New gameplay mode: Attack & Defend - Character development with role-based class system and Perk/Flaw system - Character customization with armour - Expanded storyline and world history - Completely new HUD and menu

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AirBuccaneers HD Official Gameplay Trailer (HD)
114.79MB - 43 downloads - 13 March, 2012

For three pairs of keen eyes there is a prize (2:42)

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AirBuccaneers HD Alpha Trailer (HD)
37.54MB - 40 downloads - 9 February, 2012

Originally an Unreal Tournament 2004 modification, AirBuccaneers HD has been revived as a Unity engine based game. Now players can fly their hot air balloons across the vast skies and fight their enemies with cannon fire and daring boarding attempts. This time the Buccaneers arenít battling against the original modificationís lowly Peasants though, as thereís a new threat rising from the west: the brutal and fearsome Vikings.

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