Airfix Dogfighter
Genre Action -> Action
Today's Rank 8496
Date N/A
Date 2000-11-03
Publisher Nickelodeon
North America Retail Box ArtAirfix Dogfighter makes real the fantasy of every Airfix aeroplane builder: your model is complete, the paint has hardened, the transfers are dry. Now, what would it be like to take off from the table-top and fly a sortie around the room? With this wonderful game you take the controls of your choice of 17 model planes and do just that. The graphics are truly excellent, as is the detail of the models. You can fly the Spitfire or the BF109E through the ready-made house and dogfight in the simulated miniature world just as you would (as a fighter pilot) in the real one. Slamming a door in the face of your enemy is good; shooting up the light switch to plunge the room into darkness can give you an advantage, as would firing a round or two at the crockery or the stereo. (If the target catches fire, however, you could melt in the heat.) In the multi-user version you can also design your own house in which to play (reproducing your own would be fun) and tweak the paintwork of your model. It's a great game, marred only by the lack of a joystick setup module. --Mark Whitehorn
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