AirHockey 3D
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North America Retail Box ArtPlay a fast paced game of 3D Air Hockey against the Computer/Another player or some blocks !! Air Hockey 3D Features Include - Infrared 2 Player mode - Color or Greyscale graphics - High Res version also available, Click Here - Stylus/Graffiti or Keyboard control - 2 Player mode on 1 Organizer - Block Break game mode - Block Break Level designer - 12 Computer difficulties - 12 Block Break challenges - 2 high score tables - Many Configurable options - Fully Rendered 3D graphics How do I play ? Within the game 4 Game modes are available. Each one is selected by clicking the appropriate button on the title page and then clicking the Start Button to play. Each one of these modes is detailed below. 1 Player game In this mode you play Air hockey against the computer, Their are 12 difficulty levels in this mode Ranging from 1 which is easy to 12 which is hard. You can start the game from any difficulty level you have previously reached. To win simply hit the puck into the top computers goal the required number of times, This is 3 initially but can be adjusted from the options page. 2 Player game This unique mode allows 2 players to play Air Hockey against each other on the same Organizer. Each player uses 2 of the Organizers keys to move their bats left and right. When each bout is about to start each player will be shown which bat they are controlling by some dotted lines, This will also indicate the keys to use. Also to make

- Ram Used: 95
- Resolutions: Palm Hi-Res (320x320), Palm Standard (160x160), Tapwave (320x320)
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