Airline Tycoon Review

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Graphics: 8.0
Sound : 7.0
Gameplay : 8.5
Multiplayer : N/A
Overall : 8.0
Review by A.S.

Airline Tycoon is not your Everyday Tycoon you might just encounter, It does not give you the "Building" Part of the tycoon but the management part of it. You start as an Airline manager which basically has to Be better than the others, make more money and some more money. The game itself is based on a rather "OldTech" engine with a twist, The gameplay itself mostly takes place in a 2D world, yet the locations you visit in the game itself (Your Office, Duty Free, Bank and so on....) are 3D Animated, It gives you the feeling of a Renovated Classical game.

As I stated in the introduction, The Engine is a mixture, the graphics themselves are not that spectacular yet fairly detailed, the 2D part of the game looks quite attractive, the ease of navigation in the game makes it even more interesting. The 3D Animations are even more attractive, The Fuzzy characters grabbing some mail or using the phone to call someone is quite delight so to speak ;).

The Music in the game is quite repetitive, no Dramatic intro's or OutTro's, one tune which will accompany you through the entire game, not that its that bad, only a larger variety would have been more appreciated. The Effects are to my Satisfaction, You will hear Bombings, Planes landing and from now and then, someone calling out for a passenger to get his butt to his gate. The Characters are accompanied with smooth sounds, they speak fluently (dah ;P) and aren't that annoying, you might pass on hearing the same lines all over again, but its bearable....

This is where this game functions the best, The gameplay. Although not that many games succeed in combining all the elements together, I think that this one has pulled it off very nicely, You don't just Manage the entire company while sitting in your office making phone calls but you actually have to Run around quite a bit (Quite a lot actually ;P) to make money. This is one part I actually liked in this game, gives you the Hardness, no more "Ease Of use", I Guess the All-In-One-Spot strategy has failed quite a lot of games, maybe this is why.... We simply like good old runn'en!
As for the Methods in making money, you need to be smart, choose what you see might be the best deal (With the aid of some advisors), Hire the best crew in your price range and make money Carrying Cargo to different destinations and locations in the world, Not to forget that Passenger flights ofcourse (Which have a more active part in the game). The game includes Advertising, Buying, Selling, Share Affairs, Did I mention Handling an entire Airline? Oh well, Its a YesYes for anyone that likes to be in control....