Alien Crossfire
Genre Strategy -> Strategy
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Date N/A
Publisher Electronic Arts
Date N/A
Publisher Electronic Arts
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtElectronic Arts' Alien Crossfire--created by legendary designer Sid Meier, maker of such landmark games as Civilization and Pirates!--is the official add-on pack for a brilliant turn-based strategy game, Alpha Centauri.The pack expands on the original game by adding seven factions, new facilities, additional secret projects and new branches to the elaborate technology tree. Fans also receive many new enhancements to Alpha Centauri, including play-by-e-mail mutiplayer mode, hotseat multiplayer mode, and numerous tweaks to the interface and unit properties. Alien Crossfire's new factions include cyborgs, drones, pirates and two sets of alien societies. Factions are balanced by a set of predetermined statistics and characteristics, such as bonuses for particular government and production styles.Gameplay means creating and maintaining a flourishing society on a hostile alien world. Players must juggle dozens of civilisation settings--such as government style, unit production and pollution prevention--and discover the best means of conquering enemies through a powerful economy, research and development, or military conquest. Alternatively, players and computer-controlled factions can become allies instead of enemies and trade technologies and unit designs to further bolster scientific advancements and economy.With an exciting new story line, dozens of enhancements, and tried-and-true gameplay that adds hours of life to the original game, Sid Meier's Alien Crossfire is a must-have expansion pack for Alpha Centauri fans. But remember that you will need Alpha Centauri in order to play and enjoy Alien Crossfire. --Doug Radcliffe
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