Alliance: Future Combat
Genre Strategy -> Strategy
Today's Rank 6618
Date 2006-05-15
Publisher Strategy First
Date 2006-04-28
Publisher G2 Games
North America Retail Box ArtThe year is 2008. Area between Iran, Afghanistan, India and China has become the Democratic Republic of North Dzombystan (DRND). To get financial aid from United States, DRND’s government allowed the US military to build a top-secret subterranean base. But even DRND’s government is unaware that the heavily fortified base is a research center for genetic engineering on soldiers and testing lab for next-generation weapon systems. When terrorist infiltrators in the government learn of the base, signal is sent to all "freedom fighters" to prepare for an all-out attack. A well organized army launches a coordinated assault and swiftly advances toward the secret base. American forces guarding the base, taken by complete surprise and vastly outnumbered, put up a fierce resistance but know full-well that it is only a matter of time before they have to surrender or die fighting. With their forces tied up in crisis areas around the world, and no time to wait for deployment of regular troops, decision is made at the highest level of US government to send in the elite AEGIS rapid response team.

- 20 action-packed combat missions full of intense tactical challenges
- Interlinked campaigns putting the world's finest soldiers against the threat of global terrorism
- Over 70 diverse types of units on both sides - including snipers, medics and engineers
- Detailed and realistic vehicles, from from among proven classics in actual use to the newest, most groundbreaking military hardware
- Use all-new high-tech weaponry, such as robotic vehicles and armed unmanned aircraft
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