Alpha Black Zero Review

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Graphics: 6.0
Sound : 5.0
Gameplay : 5.0
Multiplayer : N/A
Overall : 5.3
Review by Scott Allred
Heart racing, fast paced, gut wrenching, action! None of these define “Alpha Black Zero”, the game is supposed to be a Rainbow Six style squad shooter that puts you in command of your task force, but instead of giving you control over a “force” it gives you a headache and 3 moronic squad members that listen about as well as your PC would if you asked it to turn on by itself without some kind of voice activation mechanism.

Stupid n00b why don’t you listen!

Yeah you’re “AI” squad members forgot to pack the “I”... they’re artificial, but instead are the dumbest group of gun toting fools to cross into the future. They HAVE to be told what to do, “Follow” when you want to move from point A to point B, “Fire at will” is the command you must remember when you’re getting your ass handed to you by an enemy force 5x the size of your small contingent and guess what, your 3 fools will pick up their big fancy boom sticks and lay down some of the most inaccurate fire thusly seen so far in the squad based military shooter genre.


What happened to the days of a bullet or 2 and you die? I laid down enough heavy fire on one enemy unit to kill hundreds of terrorists in Rainbow Six yet the poor bastard simply ran away to reload to recommence firing on me! Sorry people but what the hell is up with that? If 300 rounds are fired in one general direction and the target in which I am firing does not move then logic would dictate that at least one of the 300 rounds would strike a vital organ or something along these lines. Sadly if you are more than a hundred or so yards away from a target the size of a 5’ 11” 180lbs male standing in full view you have about as much a chance of scoring a kill shot on said target as I do of becoming Prime Minister of China. The physics of gunfire is not very “user friendly” (as long as you’re not using the sniper rifle) in most cases you can’t hit anything... except the surrounding terrain, TAKE THAT MOTHER EARTH... OR WHATEVER PLANET I’M ON NOW!

“Damn a misfire” “It’s ok the enemy AI doesn’t respond to sound...”
There were more than a few times where I literally jumped up and down, practiced crouching and going into a prone position WHILE I WAS RIGHT NEXT TO AN ENEMY but out of his sight. Not only does that not make sense it makes sneaking up on foes rather pointless. It’s equally not easy to hear them approach or hear that your squad members are behind you, or is it on the side, damn lost them again. Anyway the sounds aren’t terrible but still not very good either, nothing like the sounds in a Rainbow Six 3-Ghost Recon style game that this game seems to borrow most of it’s gameplay from.

Ohhhh, this must be modern art.

Yeah, ever go into a museum and pass all the good art that makes you say “WOW that picture is beautiful”, then you get to the “other” art or “modern” art that is basically a black background with a little pink dot off from the center with nothing else and it’s entitled “The Waterfall”? I’m no art fanatic but anything that makes you think so hard as too create a delusional image from a black background and a pink dot is not art. The graphics in this game is that piece of art in motion. Any game that makes you have to really evaluate a prospective target to make sure it’s even human (or whatever your target is) is a game I can’t recommend.

TheGoodEvil’s Verdict

Alpha Black Zero isn’t the worst squad based first person shooter I’ve played this year but it isn’t the best either. If you are looking a good budget shooter with squad elements than Alpha Black Zero might be a good choice for you.

The Good

The game runs well, you gain troop leading experience, the game is pretty easy.

The Evil

Poor graphics quality, poor sound quality, too much squad micromanagement, very bad aiming.