Genre Adventure -> Adventure
Today's Rank 27065
Date N/A
Publisher Akella
Date N/A
Publisher Akella
Alternativa is a classic point&click adventure game based on the original sci-fi/cyber-punk script which is composed of a number of shorter stories that lead us through the lives of individual characters as well as the fictional world of the future. Non-linear storyline full of unexpected turns, at times spine-chilling atmosphere, logical tasks, historical and scientific facts – Alternativa is all of that.

The original and novel story with a fully developed world
Control over 3 main characters, but also over the baddies.
Real options - the player chooses who to believe and when, which affects his further progress through the game. To some extent this could be called replaybility because there are more ways to progress in the game.
The application of historical and scientific data.
Accompanying video sequences that enhance the atmosphere or present the story.
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