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Altitude is a fast-paced game of aerial combat suitable for all ages. Altitude pits you against up to 64 online opponents as you blast your way across the cartoon skies, unlocking brilliantly original fantasy planes, completing devilish challenges, and customizing your loadout with a wide array of perks along the way.

Pilot five completely unique planes: Loopy, Bomber, Explodet, Biplane, and Miranda
Customize your plane with 25 unlockable perks, from twin-fire missiles to rear-mounted flak guns, rubberized armor to reverse-thruster engines
Complete challenges and compare stats with friends
Navigate 9 official maps, or create and share your own with the Altitude Editor
Strong parental controls and cartoon action ensure a safe experience for young children
Play online with up to 64 players, and always find your friends with slick community features
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