Amateur League Golf
Genre Sport -> Sport
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Date 2000-10-17
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North America Retail Box ArtFrom the makers of Deer Avenger comes the golfing parody Amateur League Golf. The characters and courses are in 3-D, and players choose their club, aim, and swing. The title features golf match, tournament, or skins game modes on two very public courses: Newark Municipal and Mosquito Greens of Okeechobee. Watch out for hazards like alligators, mountains of garbage, gangsters, and golf carts on blocks. Choose from such players as Angus, Golfman, and Satan. The game responds to the way you are playing with the Composure Response System. Manage the pressure and the game gets easier; lose your head and things get difficult. Players can take their frustrations out by clubbing their caddy, but hit him too many times and you will lose his advice.

- Amateur League Golf draws you in with its easy playing and great humor!
- You and up to three friends can choose your players, each with their own personalities
- Play in a stroke, match, or skins game
- Use the Composure Response System to control your character's pressure -- lose your composure, and the game will get harder
- Beat up your caddy if he gives you bad advice
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