Genre Adventure -> Adventure
Today's Rank 12938
Date 2001-08-10
Date N/A
Publisher Microids
North America Retail Box ArtAmerzone: The Explorer's Legacy is a first-person role-playing game in the style of Myst. You're cast as a journalist on an extraordinary quest. Inside a lighthouse in France, you find a magical egg, the progenitor of a race of white birds who spend their entire existence flying--from birth to death, without ever landing. Valenbois, the old explorer who lives in the lighthouse, stole the egg from a Central American tribe in a country called Amerzone. Now dying, he begs you to return the egg to its rightful home. Puzzle solvers looking for a serious challenge will love Amerzone. The game takes you above the rain forest and under water as you seek to return the lost egg. Play is as much about sensory experience as it is about unlocking the mystery, with 360-degree environments that bring the jungle to life with lush visuals and crystal-clear sound. Often the storyline seems like an excuse to draw you further through what is essentially an interactive art gallery. The only catch is that there is no guarantee you'll get to the next gorgeous scene--that is dependent upon solving yet another brainteaser. Players with a low tolerance for frustration may not enjoy the slow pace of this game. Each scene must be patiently searched, and it is easy to miss important clues or helpful objects. The journey is worthwhile, though, so stock up on patience and allow plenty of time to enjoy the trip! --Alyx Dellamonica

- PC for DreamCatcher
- ESRB Rating: E (Everyone)
- Adventure/ Role Playing Game
- Discover the secrets of the Amerzone jungle and the mystery behind the legend of the "White Birds"
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