Anacapri: The Dream
Genre Adventure -> Adventure
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“Anacapri the Dream” is an adventure game set in the island of Capri, mostly in the upper regions of Capri called Anacapri. You play the role of Dr. Nico N, an expert of the ancient civilizations. You are invited to Anacapri to accomplish a very difficult task: find the extremely powerful, but malicious Obsidian Disk.But what is this Obsidian Disk? Why is it so dangerous? Quickly you will find out that what you think as reality is in fact an illusion - the truth is far beyond what you have imagined…

An intriguing story mixing history, myths and legend of the island of Capri.
- Dozens of logical puzzles perfectly embedded in the story line.
- More than 40 characters of the present and the past to interact with.
- More than 8000 full screen pictures of the island.
- Gorgeous computer graphic animations.
- Panoramic views to be scrolled right/left and up/down.
- Original soundtrack composed by Silvio Savarese.
- A game in the game: the original Neapolitan Scopa game, featuring Artificial Intelligence technology.
- “Walking mode”, where you can visit the entire game area as a tourist.
- More than 50 hours of game play.
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