Anarchy Online
Genre MMOG -> MMOG
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Date 2001-06-27
Publisher Funcom
Date N/A
Publisher Funcom
North America Retail Box ArtThe year is A.D. 29475, and the place is Rubi-Ka, a brave new world on the outer fringes of known space. As a new citizen and colonist, you are propelled into perilous and unfamiliar territory, and you will soon have to decide where your allegiance lies. Whether you sympathize with the rebel clans or with the corporate behemoth Omni-Tek, your decision will affect everyone. On this world, the future is in your hands.Anarchy Online is a massively multiplayer Internet role-playing game featuring thousands of players simultaneously in a persistent, living universe. Players can customize their characters in a number of different ways, including choice of breeds, character classes, skin color, clothing, equipment, and more than 40 different social animations. Inhabiting an alien planet in a distant future, players--in groups or on their own--are free to explore a stunningly detailed sci-fi environment, converse and socialize with other players, solve numerous quests, and battle strange and otherworldly creatures!

- It is the year 29,475 AD, and mankind has come to colonize the tiny planet of Rubi-Ka
- The Omni-Tek Corporation has staked a claim to Rubi-Ka's natural resources, and colonist humans have organized into Clans to oppose them. The stage is set for anarchy!
- Choose what breed of human you want to play & choose a side
- Work with Omni-Tek to crush Clan resistance, or side with the Clans and blow some Omni-Tek stooges away!
- Incredible weapons and nanotechnology are at your disposal, for amazing & powerful enhancements
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