Anderson & The Legacy Of Cthulhu
Genre Action -> FPS
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The player impersonates Robert D. Anderson, private investigator from New York, who travels to Germany during the first months of WWII in order to solve his most frightening case – to research his origins. Arriving at the castle of his ancestors, he discovers an occult secret society among the SS, called „The order of the black sun“, revealing secrets powerful enough to endanger mankind itself...

Thrilling storyline based upon H.P. Lovecraft's ideas and set in Bavaria 1940

Playable novel with 15 unique chapters, ranging from castles & dungeons to lost worlds in space

12 weapons: Pistols, rifles, German secret weapons of WWII, alien technology, destructive spells of the Great Old Ones

4 multiplayer arenas for up to 8 players

Huge Bonus Pack

100% fan-made

Game - Artworks featured by the successful Artist Peter Siedl

Cutscenes directed by award-winning Producer Gerhard Daurer
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