Anno 2070: Deep Ocean
Genre Strategy -> RTS
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Anno 2070: Deep Ocean Launch Trailer (HD)
53.62MB - 108 downloads - 4 October, 2012

The rise of the Techs cannot be stopped. Due to their constant thriving for innovation and research they will become the most dominant and advanced civilization in ANNO 2070: Deep Ocean. Hidden in the depths of the oceans for centuries, the Techs finally succeed to find a solution for all energy problems. Thanks to this new technology it is now possible to produce and distribute energy in a whole new way. But every advancement is accompanied by new challenges and risks. When even Nature is against you, how will you handle the situation?

play Anno 2070: Deep Ocean Launch Trailer (HD) download Anno 2070: Deep Ocean Launch Trailer (HD)
Anno 2070 Domination Mode Trailer (HD)
110.48MB - 95 downloads - 4 October, 2012

This video introduces you the Domination Mode, a new multiplayer play mode for Anno 2070. Two teams with up to five players struggle to control missions on various maps. All conflicts in Domination Mode run asynchronously, which means that team members do not have to be online at the same time. Players can work on different missions, continue those of teammates or play in coop-mode simultaneously. You dominate missions by achieving the mission's objective, e.g. attain Eco Executives. The new mission is so to speak "dominated". Once a team has gained control over a mission, the other team can regain control by exceeding the opposing score. Controlled missions generate bonus points which are added to the points achieved through mission objectives.

play Anno 2070 Domination Mode Trailer (HD) download Anno 2070 Domination Mode Trailer (HD)