Apache Longbow Assault
Genre Simulation -> Simulation
Today's Rank 26712
Date 2004-01-13
Publisher Activision
Date N/A
Publisher N/A
North America Retail Box ArtApache Longbow Assault -- it's the ultimate air-attack fighting machine. Inflict massive damage on enemies, as you cruise through the air in an Apache Longbow. Use its immense firepower and powerful flight capabilities to complete every mission.

- Experience realistic terrains and weather effects
- Command the cockpit of an Apache Longbow in this action-oriented, 3-D flight simulation
- Features multiple cockpit views, three modes of gameplay, and an engaging storyline
- Take on 30 missions to provide ground cover for ground troops and destroy enemy strong-holds
- Your aresenal of weapons includes Hellfire and Sidewinder missiles, hydra rockets, and 30mm chain guns
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