Aquanox 2 Revelation
Genre Action -> Action
Today's Rank 8326
Date 2003-08-19
Publisher Encore Software
Date 2003-09-19
Publisher Koch Media
North America Retail 
Box ArtUnited Kingdom 
Retail Box ArtSubmerge yourself in one of the most incredible action-adventure games ever created. After a cruel twist of fate, your life rapidly begins spiraling out of all control, thrusting you into an epic fight for survival, forcing you to journey to places where few have returned from!

- Over 50+ missions.
- Intense single player combat with up to 20 enemies at once.
- Four types of ships and over 20 weapons at your disposal. Highly advanced enemy artificial intelligence.
- Incredible underwater graphic effects and sprawling environments with engrossing in-depth storyline.
- PC: Windows 98SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP
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