Archlord X
Genre MMOG -> MMOG
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Date N/A
Publisher Webzen
Date N/A
Publisher Webzen
Webzen has announced that the second round of Closed Beta of Archlord X: The Chronicles will start tomorrow, offering a new and improved core RvR (realm versus realm) content, Shrine Battle, which is based on the antagonism between the races in the game. The renewed Shrine Battle has been changed to a separated Dungeon System, Sky and Underground, which was only previously focused in the Battle Zone System. Also it has been divided into 8 different regions where each region has been designed with its own distinct elemental concept such as Water, Fire, Poison, Lightning, and others making them more diverse and exciting. Rewards for PvP have also been upgraded to meet user demands - the victorious race of the Shrine Battle will receive epic items and exclusive entrance to specific dungeons.
Archlord X is a middle age fantasy-based 3D F2P MMORPG game that mainly focuses on a various massive battle system such as Archlord Final Battle, Castle Siege, Dungeon & Field battle and Shrine battle. Players will receive a powerful stimulus by an extremely fierce battle against other race to become the true ruler of Chantra, the Archlord.
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