Army Men Air Tactics
Genre Action -> Action
Today's Rank 9225
Date 2000-03-17
Publisher 3DO
Date N/A
Publisher 3DO
North America Retail Box ArtArmy Men: Air Tactics continues 3DO's popular game franchise about the war between the heroic Sarge of the Green army men and the evil Plastro of the Tan. Players take command of a Green plastic helicopter in a series of combat missions, blasting Tan emplacements and airlifting Green soldiers to and from the frontlines. All the action takes place on the traditional battlefields of army men, from the burning wastes of the sandbox to steamy gardens to--when Mom's not looking--indoor locations such as the bathroom. In fact, the game lets you indulge all the pubescent army-man whims that parents warn against: the Flamethrower Guy spouts real flames and reduces enemy soldiers to puddles of plastic, and environmental hazards such as Bunsen burners and backyard grills can end any plastic warrior's career. Your chopper can even be equipped with the bane of many a real-life army man: fireworks. Launching a few bottle rockets into a Tan tank convoy is pure pyromaniacal bliss. Missions are varied to keep things interesting, and the game actually contains a plot to move the action along. Seems that Plastro has teamed up with a mad scientist from the Gray army and is working on creating a new breed of soldiers to conquer the world. The hokey plot just doesn't seem that bad, given the game's setting. In fact, you'll come to care for the soldiers entrusted to you and may even feel a little pang of regret whenever a stranded Bazooka Guy gets blasted because you weren't quick enough with an evac. Okay, maybe not, but Army Men: Air Tactics is a worthy addition to the Army Men franchise and is sure to put a smile on the face of anybody who's played with these guys.
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