Asheron's Call: Dark Majesty
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Date 2001-10-10
Date 2001-11-16
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtAsheron's Call is an online multi-user dungeon in which you create a character and then experience life through your alter ego's eyes, travelling via the Internet to a monster-infested universe of magic and quests. Unlike games that thrust you into a hostile world with no clue as to what you should do there, Asheron's Call take s great pains to ensure player enjoyment at even the lowest level of play. Your first quest is simply to move through a training dungeon, acquiring the basic skills needed for survival. After that, characters sprinkled throughout the world-map send you on quests, such as retrieving lost shirts or clearing caves of monsters. Success translates to experience, wealth and magic items. Asheron's Call is virtually lag-free and easy to learn, with gorgeous graphics and cool monsters. Its greatest strength, though, lies in the effort programmers have invested in creating a culture of cooperation and mentoring in their online world. The game immerses players in an intense role-playing environment where they must compete or cooperate with thousands of other online players. An extensive system of allegiance and influence greatly enhances social interaction . The online nature of the game facilitates an evolving and dynamic adventure inside a consistent universe. The game will never be solved because there will always be more areas to explore and quests to complete. Dark Majesty includes the original game some new additions and an expansion pack. Tweaks include housing and storage and players will even be able to purchase their own homes on designated plots of land, as well as use their residence for secure storage purposes. The Expansion Pack also kicks off the next chapter in the ongoing Asheron's Call storyline by introducing the island of Marae Lassel. Marae Lassel is a sprawling new landmass that will contain new quests, dungeons and treasures. --Simon Priestly
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