Asterix the Gallic War Review

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Graphics: 7.0
Sound : 6.0
Gameplay : 7.0
Multiplayer : N/A
Overall : 6.0
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(C) Infogrames

Introduction / Plot:
Asterix the gallic war was developed by a second brand of Infogrames, and, as the name may suggest you, starring most famous comics under Infogrames gaming copyright. The game can't be categorized into any previous known game genre... ehm wait, it's not cause they had a new idea, no way, it's just cause they did shake together a lot of gaming genres. More about this into gameplay section, about the plot instead, what are u going to expect from an Asterix title? Yeah, you're Asterix, the 19cm warrior and u have to rape as many girls as possible into 10 minutes... ehm, no, that was the original plot, but they dumped it, choosing again for a Asterix and Obelix against the Roman Empire.

Gameplay / Controls: 7/10
After clicking a couple of time the keyboard you're bounced into the 2d table (of course u did choose to do not read manual or to play the tutorial), and wonder what u have to do..., well, one name will help you a lot... Risk! Yep, the basic rules of the game try to resemble an easy version of Risk. Instead or armies, you will have magical potions and there will be no dices war. Anyway everything will be done using left mouse button to choose/confirm and right mouse button to get back, Escape key will lead you back to main menu (where u can even save the game). The interesting, and even a bit original part of the game arises when you're going to conquer some countries. Some times you will have to fight your way trough a sub-game, like shooting roman people as far as possible, or hitting them with huge rocks. Roman-Throw is really easy, with an auto-fire even easier, whilst the rock-throwing will easily fail cause of time going out.

The best part of the game, or at least the one they did put more effort on, is the 3d platform one. You will be able to play it when you will go potion-conquering particular towns. Here you will have to fight your way trough a full 3d right scrolling level to be able to conquer the country. All is pretty well done, altough the rate at wich you will meet baddies will let you think about a kiddie audience. Anyway, the game that may most resemble this sub-levels in 3d is double-dragon, indeed the target of every level is to make your way to the top most right of the map. Here you will collect some stuff that supposedly will let you gain the control of the full country. Just to make it look a bit more a mario 64 they did add money collecting all trough the levels. Money will just let you have a potion bonus at the succesfull ending of a level.

Sound / Music 6/10
Well, as always, sounds and music can only add value to a good game, rarely you play something just for the music, honestly it happened myself on c64 with some shoot'em up with a Bach song, well, that's once in 15 years! Anyway the sounds fits well in the game, as you guess they're pretty basic, but the game doesn't need anything more than *BOOM* *KAPOW* and stuff like that. Music instead, altough well done at first, really gets on your nerves, being always the same again and again. At least this will force you to put the sound volume down. Pretty sad, you could have used some nice irish music, anyway, this is just a bit more than a budget game, so they prolly had no way to get a better job done.

Graphics 7/10
Graphics are a bit hard to rank here, during the board game, the graphics are really bad done, I think North and South of about 10 years ago, altough being a board game as much as this Asterix, had lot better graphics. Cartoon graphics doesn't mean easy/basic graphics damn! Instead the graphics both in 3d sections and in the 3d sub games are pretty good, altough nothing special. The renderer is quite good, but they didn't use textures that much, doing just a plain job. Anyway as far as you see from this game what comes in mind, hey they were doing a 3d game of Asterix, but for some weird reason had to fasten belts and get the game out, so they choosed to fast pack some 3d levels and add the useless 2d strategy side (stuff that any shareware coder can do in a week).

Overall 6/10
Well, as always in overall I'll try to find a target for this game... kids, yes this game, both for the comics and for the easy gameplay does not fit any RPG player, and also the really fast learning curve makes you think this game was aimed at kids. Anyway, I'm honestly saying I did like this game, and possibly I will play it a bit more, even now that it had it's review. Doesn't ask for too many brain-cycles, pretty nice to waste some time when you are tired, anyway they had to choose, or you play with mouse, or with pad/keyboard, since having both a joystick and a mouse hanging around is pretty boring. At first you even wonder what u will have to use on each game. Nice try, now make a full 3d arcade starring asterix, you have already the renderer, the 3d models... just make real 3d levels now.