Astro Avenger
Genre Action -> Shoot Em Up
Today's Rank 37712
Date N/A
Publisher N/A
Date N/A
Publisher N/A
AstroAvenger gameplay is brain-dead simple at first glance – simply shoot everything in sight, while dodging enemy fire. But since most game elements are interconnected (for example, new weapons consume more energy and thus require a battery upgrade to be used for any prolonged period of time), actions taken in the beginning of the game are sure to influence how situation unfolds in the future. An unbalanced strategy – pumping up weapons or armor only – is not likely to take the player far.

5 large stunning worlds (galaxies)
50 levels with tons of blasting fun
Thrilling space-age soundtracks
Load/Save game
Three levels of difficulty
25 challenging enemies - kamikaze, fighters, attack planes, bombers and more!
5 type of lazers with 5 level upgrade
5 type of rockets and 11 different bonuses
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