Astro Pop
Genre Action -> Arcade
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Date N/A
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AstroPop challenges gamers to guide their AstroPilot around the screen, reconfiguring the bricks in an attempt to group four or more of the same colour. In a twist on traditional puzzle games, matching bricks accumulates energy for SUPA weapons which can be unleashed to score big points. AstroPop also features two modes of play, countless levels, and unique bonus rounds, giving gamers endless hours of stellar gameplay.

Deep gameplay with three different AstroPilots, each with their own unique SUPA weapon
Two modes of play: Classic (players upgrade their SUPA weapons and fight towards new checkpoints) and Survival
Devastating SUPA weapons can be unleashed to blast through the falling bricks
Special bricks with unique properties to help or hinder progress
Awesome Bonus Rounds to test players skills and challenge their wits
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