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Fought in the winter of 1805, Austerlitz captures the excitement of the early 19th century battle with all the color, pomp, and pageantry of the Napoleonic era. Take command of either Napoleon's troops to recreate his greatest victory or the combined might of Russia and Austria to alter history forever. Austerlitz accurately depicts napoleonic warfare at its finest based on the award-winning Waterloo: Napoleon's Last Battle engine. Game features: * Design your own random battles * Historical landmarks featuring the Pratzen Heights, the Pheasantry, and Sokolnitz castle * Improved solider animation * Multiplayer allows up to 8 players over LAN or Internet * Artwork of famed Napoleonic artist Keith Rocco * New command and control system * Displaying battlefield conditions (i.e. fog and time of day) see the BreakAwayGames site for more information.

- # Three completely new armies French, Russian, and Austrian
- Exhaustively researched historical data and army Order of Battles
- # Over 25 historical and speculative scenarios
- Multiplayer allows up to 8 players over LAN or Internet
- Use the Randomizer to generate battles automatically (useful for Multiplay games)
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