Back in the Caves
Genre Action -> Platform
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Back in the Caves Teaser Trailer (HD)
14.23MB - 47 downloads - 28 August, 2013

Back in the Caves is an action roguelike videogame with platformer elements, set in a reimagination of the prehistoric age. As the cavemen’s hero you will have to explore and fight in procedurally generated caves to ensure the survival of your village and humanity itself. Beware as the dark caves aren’t a place for weaklings. Prepare yourself for every insane adventure this game will throw your way. And be prepared to die. Because, you know… you WILL die. Survival of the fittest, right? Collect a wide range of weapons from the skeletal fingers of unfortunate adventurers and watch them become more powerful with every enemy you kill. Every weapon has a special ability. Use it wisely if you want to survive! Grow more powerful by beating random challenges, finding secret areas and defeating the bosses that are scattered through the caves!

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