Bad Street Brawler Review

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Graphics: 8.0
Sound : 7.0
Gameplay : 6.5
Multiplayer : N/A
Overall : 7.0
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Bad Street Brawler (c) Mindscape

Genre: Platform
Year: 1989
Size: 63.0 Kb

Take the role as a real badass mofo. You put on your yellow shorts and shoes that match your hair, you put on your black terminator-like sunglasses, and you hit the streets!
From the start you meet viscious senior citizens, like guys with white cains that can smash you head in seconds, short grannies with handbags from hell, perfect to throw at the badass mofo you happen to be. Not every enemy you meet is a senior citizen though, you get to beat up pit-bulls, huge monkies and other not so very cute animals. Whenever you complete a level your attacks get a bit different, and by different I mean more efficient.
It's not so easy to describe the attacks, you pretty much have to see them yourself..
I must admitt that I have not played this game for a very long while, but for what I've seen you atleast get to see the regular burning hot streets and the park, so goodie ;-) I'm fairly sure there's other places to see aswell, but I'll leave that up to you.
A good thing about the game, even when it's from 89 is that you do not need MoSlo (to slow down the cpu to play at an ideal speed) to play the game as you'd want.
The controls can be a bit tricky for some I guess; you use the num-pads to move, and hold enter and press the num-pads to kick/jump/punch etc. Fairly simple, but not the controls you see in just any game.

The Graphics:
Really nicely made EGA graphics, and to be from 89 I must say very good :-) The characters are detailed, to the extent EGA can do of course. The character animation is pretty nice, but nothing special.

he Sounds:
Welp, sounds are here and there.. When a game is this old there had not exactly been invented EAX, so naturally there is not a whole lot to mention, but for me it's fine.

The Music:
Title music = nice, ingame music = nice ;-)

Once you get used to the controls they are pretty easy to use actually, and controlling the brawler is easy, after a while.. Just think Double Dragon.