Baldurs Gate 2
Genre Adventure -> RPG
Today's Rank 8439
Date 2003-08-12
Publisher V.U.G.
Date 2000-09-29
Publisher N/A
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtBaldur's Gate II: The Collection brings you into a world of intrigue, adventure and fierce combat!

- Explore unseen lands as you take part in an epic conflict that will define your future, and create your legend
- Play the full version of Baldur's Gate II - Shadows of Amn, you will face deadly foes armed with your wits, skills and magic -- collect allies and form a party that takes you into the hostile land of Amn for treasure and glory
- Also features real-time gameplay and the ability to pause at any time -- plus all-new multiplayer games for up to 6 players
- In Baldur's Gate II - Throne of Bhaal, you'll uncover the mysteries of Watcher's Keep, explore new dungeons, and use the all-new character called the Wild Mage
- Bonus disk features new character portraits, weapons and items for a new level of gaming
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