Baldurs Gate 2 Review

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Graphics: 8.0
Sound : 9.0
Gameplay : 8.0
Multiplayer : N/A
Overall : 8.0
Review by Ronen
Baldur’s gate 2: Shadows Of Amn

All RPG fans rejoice! Baldur’s gate 2 is upon us I bet you cant here those wondrous words: “make way evil I’m armed to the teeth and packing a hamster!”. I sure you want to know all about it so ill start with the basics...
Anyway the game start at some point not much after you kill sarevok, you evil brother from the first game, now if you play the first game know this, not few of the first game’s characters are in bg2: so far I met: Jheira, Minsc, Imoen, Xzar, Montaron and even Viconia. This makes getting used to the new areas a bit less intimidating and allows you to continue tradition of butt kicking for goodness (or for evil if you want). Now first of all the game is much closer to AD&D then bg1 much more quests many new rules, A LOT more spells (now druids have their rightful place as kickass spellcasters). Besides that more monsters, with better AI (monsters help each other out, drink potions and make tactics) and strengths, for example the basic troll, punch it, stun it, kick it, cut it but until you burn it (with fire or acid) it keeps on ticking. The minimap is finally made easier, every important place is marked to make it easy to find (especially in large cities which are dense and places are hard to pinpoint). Now graphics have also improved the made spells are beautiful and I especially liked the graphics of conjuring, after the mage launches his spell a beautiful portal I created that throw it walks the summoned creature. This game also allows you to chose many more subclasses or 'kits’:
The fighter class for example is now divided to: fighter, berserker, mage slayer and kensai. Any one of these 'kits’ has their one bonuses and minuses for example take the kensai, each level he gets a large bonus to damage with swords, he gets a bonus to his armor class and he also has a special ability called kai but he cannot use gauntlets, bracers, missile weapons or armor. Other then that new classes have been they are: monk, sorcerer and barbarian. For full explanation on these new classes and kits I recommend trying this link. Now I must complain that although black isle and biowere have obviously put in a lot of hours on this game it has A LOT of bugs... so that is a definite no no from my point of view.

My final assessment:
* Game play: 7/9 because until black isle wont put out a proper patch to fix all these bugs it is really annoying.
* Sound: 9, funny sound interesting chats, excellent music!
* Graphics: 8 it’s a rpg on a 2d platform, what can I say. (Still way better then bg1)
* Overall: 8 and I love it