Baldurs Gate 2 Throne of Baal
Genre Adventure -> RPG
Today's Rank 13385
Date 2001-06-20
Publisher N/A
Date 2001-07-20
Publisher N/A
North America Retail Box ArtBioware's Baldur's Gate II is the game that keeps on giving. Already one of the most massive role-playing games in memory, particularly when you add on the original Baldur's Gate and Tales of the Sword Coast expansion, with 300 hours of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition role-playing genius. Just when you've got your life back after finishing BG2 along comes the new BG2 expansion pack, Throne of Bhaal. BG2 is already so huge one might wonder why you would need or want an expansion. Is it because there are hordes more monsters to fight, a couple new classes and kits to explore (the Wild Mage, for example), new treasures and artefacts, new quests and new dungeons, and the ability to reach an unprecedented Level 40? Well, yes, those are pretty much the reasons why. Why wouldn't you want to meet strange new creatures, unleash strange new spells, and listen to even more bizarre voice acting from the lovable Minsc? But the real reason to get this is to see the massive story finally reach a conclusion. There won't be a Baldur's Gate III and Throne of Bhaal lets you see the fate of the character that began as Gorion's young ward so many years ago in the original Baldur's Gate. This is an expansion, not a sequel, and thus the game mechanics and animation are pretty much the same as Baldur's Gate II. No new animation, save the new spells, and only a handful of new beasts, it doesn't innovate, but adds to the overall experience. Naturally it's fully playable in multiplayer and you can start anew with one of the new classes, or continue with your old character. --Andrew S Bub
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