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Ballistic Weapons v2.0 Movie
27.36MB - 195 downloads - 19 March, 2007

Ballistic Weapons is a unique mod for Unreal Tournament 2004, designed to replace most elements of the original game, especially the weapon system, to provide players with a UT2004 experience they won't soon forget! BW strikes a very enjoyable balance, taking many elements from realistic style weapons, but never turning the game into some kind of frustrating combat simulator! Our intention was to deliver something for everyone, and as such, the mod is highly scalable and customizable with settings for everything from accuracy and damage to weapon loadouts and new crosshairs. Different players will be capable of doing well with the style of weapon that suits them, not simply the most powerful gun in the arena. We believe that BW offers something to both arena maniacs as well as the more tactical players. If you are unfortunate enough to believe that BW is only for people seeking a realism mod like CS, then you are definitely missing out big time!

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