Baseball Mogul 2008
Genre Sport -> Sport
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Date 2007-03-22
Publisher Enlight
Date 2007-03-22
Publisher Enlight
Baseball Mogul 2008 features the best simulation experience yet, with up-to-date lineups, a roster of over 18,000 current and former players, complete financial management control, and the ability to sign, trade, and release players. In this year's edition, players can watch the action on the diamond unfold like never before in Play-by-Play mode. As a general manager, enjoy the game from the luxury box and make the necessary power moves to keep your team in the pennant race. In manager mode, set up the proper defense to contain the opposition or instruct your batters to wait for a hitter's pitch. In Player mode, brush the batter back with a high and tight splitter, or swing at a fastball and aim for the fences.

- NEW Baseball Mogul Encyclopedia - Outputs over 30,000 interlinked HTML pages. Historical leaders tracked in over 70 stats by team and season; hitting, pitching, and fielding stats at every level; annual financial records; and more - Pitch-by-Pitch Mode - Fully interactive pitch-by-pitch mode puts you in complete control of the game
- NEW Ticker Tape - Shows updated scores, stats, leaders and headlines, even in the middle of each at-bat
- NEW Lefty-Righty Stats
- NEW Expanded Scouting Report - More stats like OPS, GDP, intentional walks, ground ball percent, and DICE
- NEW User Interface - Improves the visual appeal of each screen while also putting more stats at your fingertips
- NEW 2007 Rosters
- Exclusive licensee of the Sean Lahman Baseball Database, including complete stats and data for over 18,000 players going back to the 19th century
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