Battle for Graxia
Genre Strategy -> RTS
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Battle for Graxia Murderhoof Spotlight Trailer (HD)
174.71MB - 43 downloads - 16 May, 2013

You can still pre-order Murderhoof and play him when he goes live after this week's game update (5/15)! Login to the game store and select the Founder's Edition bundle. Murderhoof is a ruthless centaur warrior with a thirst for blood. Becoming stronger with every kill he participates in, Murderhoof bullies his lane opponents and devastates enemy groups in teamfights. Murderhoof gains Rage by using weapon attacks or through kills and assists, consuming these points to empower his abilities with bonus effects.

play Battle for Graxia Murderhoof Spotlight Traile.. download Battle for Graxia Murderhoof Spotlight Traile..
Battle for Graxia Launch Trailer (HD)
45.11MB - 53 downloads - 2 May, 2013

Battle for Graxia Launch Features include: A core MOBA experience with unique gameplay features Free-to-play download with additional availability on Steam Unique Immortals and abilities added regularly Artifact items and Skill Trees to customize each Immortal, with the ability to reconfigure in the picking phase Player vs Environment (PvE) and Player vs Player (PvP) modes including 1v1, 3v3, 5v5 and A.R.A.M. New Replay Mode and 'White Knight' player replacement features Reputation and achievement badge recognition features US and European server locations

play Battle for Graxia Launch Trailer (HD) download Battle for Graxia Launch Trailer (HD)