Battle Isle Andosia War
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Date 2000-11-24
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United Kingdom Retail Box ArtTurn-based strategy games are usually something you associate with World War II strategy or role-playing titles and so have paled in popularity compared to the Command and Conquers of this world. Blue Byte have added the detail to the fifth game in their Battle Isle trilogy and the science fiction setting gives the playing style a fresh look.There are one of two races to play: the military arm of the planet Chromos's Rulers, located in capital citadel Hallwa; and The Children Of Haris, a religious cult who have grown into a perceivable threat hitherto ignored by your bosses. The cutscenes are played out in short 2-D comic-book style still frames, which is a novel touch.It is a shame that the tutorials are short-lived. Ultimately the best way to get ahead is to master the movement controls and jump in, then practice. That way learning about hidden enemy massacres based on line of sight is something you will hopefully only have to endure once--it does, however, have the right balance of frustration and addiction necessary to make a good RTS. There is the passage of time as the game moves from day to dusk to night and back again like Earth 2150 though when it happens twice in one round, that usually totals three or four real hours.The excellent music draws you in and keeps you playing the game. As ever it's not perfect. Matching firepower and grouping units for defence as well as attack in the space of a single turn is the key followed by good resource management. Persevere and this is a fine game to the uninitiated as well as fans. Earth 2150 may be better if you want 3-D, visually measured time and faster, unregulated action. --Kenneth Henry
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