Battle Isle Andosia War Review

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Graphics: 9.0
Sound : 8.5
Gameplay : 8.5
Multiplayer : N/A
Overall : 9.1
Review by A.S.


Quantity doesn't matter, its only Quality that counts, And LOTS of it;
I believe that Blue Byte was just thinking that while they were creating the next sequel of the much respected Battle Isle Series, back from where 3D Accelerators were never even heard of until the breathtaking world of today's technology, Blue Byte brings you the game of tomorrow.


Battle Isle is a unique game, having its own Rule Book with its own perks and benefits. As a hard-core gamer, I was somewhat Intimidated of the "Slow" turn based Gameplay, being customized to RTS's (Real Time Strategy), it makes you wonder whether you can actually play Turn Based Strategy games;I hopped over to my UK computer store and bought me a copy of the much anticipated Battle Isle to find out Blue Byte just hit the Jack pot.

"We are on Chromos - it is the year 345 of the New Age. The Emperor Wars are now only legends; the catastrophe of Scayra seems forgotten.
Under the leadership of an alluringly mysterious figure, the sect of the "Children of Haris" is founded on Merth. Its motto: Peace through
War! Its goals: the dissolution of the corrupt system on Chromos and the establishment of the dictatorship by its charismatic high priestess!"

The story goes off from this starting point, you may argue how original the plot is, but it does get nifty after you start playing it. The gameplay is much more complex than the average Turn Based strategy game, you have to Plan carefully, think twice and most of all, Never look back (or else you Will be killed :P). The game is based on Thinking, carefully advancing into enemy territory and engaging mission objectives with utmost care and accuracy, making mistakes is not desired.

The game has two pans: The Economical, More Plan-Before-You-Go pan and the Attack/Military pan, giving you the fullest of 3D firepower which makes Battle Isle so great.

The game does resemble RTS in the Economical Aspect of the game, Building Factories and Units in order to backup your existence and your chances of succeeding, The military aspect however, is mostly different. You have your Time Limited turn, in it you are allowed and supposed to do your best to advance in both aspects, Economically and Militantly; Attacking, Reckoning, Distributing and every other objective you have to put out so you can defeat your enemy.

The game is Accompanied by a Very easy to use and understand Tutorial, built-in ofcourse (Much like Earth 2150 and others), giving you detailed information on how to exploit all the games options and commands.

Going 3D did not however diminish the games gameplay capabilities, it did succeed in maintaining the Battle Isle prestige we have got to know, and it did take Battle Isle into a new level of gaming experience.

Battle Isle 4 takes advantage of 3D Acceleration, switching all of the game world into true 3D environment (with all its risks and dangers), built on a magnificent 3D engine, Battle Isle delivers amazing quality of Visual Effects ranging from Explosions, Animations and Weather "Simulations". One of its Greatest features is the Camera control, never have I been more at ease with controlling the Camera so easily and firmly while actually achieving what I wanted to achieve from the Angle.


For once, I love the Audio tracks included in the game I'm playing, Action packed Music will get you in the Spirit of Combat and Planning within seconds, As you enter the Game World you are presented with a very seductive audio track which will help you through your Battle Isle Experience. A good game is a well rounded game (as I always said) and I do not have any complaints about Blue Bytes' strategy to rule the world (and maybe the market too... :P)


A Complex, well rounded Turn-Based Strategy game, great present for Christmas if your into this genre.