Battle of Kingdoms
Genre MMOG -> MMOG
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Date N/A
Publisher Run Up Game
Date N/A
Publisher Run Up Game
The original Battle of Kingdoms: Turbulent War only had 3 levels for each skill. After receiving players’ feedback, the level of the skills had been increased to 5.
Clan Battle
Clan battle had been improvised to provide excitement to players participating in Battle of Kingdoms: Turbulent War. With the implementation of the Clan Battle system, participating players now have a reason to wage war against other clans instead of just purely battle without objectives.
Clan Battle allows players to fight for their territory in order to obtain a “territory buff” which gives them an upper hand against the attacking opponents. Other than “territory buff”, the clan which controls the land receives tax from players whom battled within the map
Environment Buffs
Players gains different buffs and debuffs during different environmental changes. Weather changes affect players’ visual, movement speed and attack power whereas during different time, the towers’ HP and recovery rate are affected.
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