Battlecruiser Millennium
Genre Simulation -> Space
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Date N/A
Publisher 3000AD Inc.
Date 2003-06-13
Publisher Mindscape
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Retail Box ArtGameplay Limited Only By Your Imagination! Battlecruiser Millenium is the groundbreaking third title in the critically acclaimed Battlecruiser series. It is a technological breakthrough in all aspects of its implementation and feature-set. Powered by over nine new or enhanced game engines including AI, graphics and sound effects, Battlecruiser Millennium blasts into the new millennium flaunting the most advanced and visually splendid gaming ever seen in the series. In keeping with the series' tradition of providing endless, top-notch gameplay, Battlecruiser Millenium continues to stretch the limit of player imagination by providing an even more thrilling experience than any of its predecessors.

- Ground Breaking Seamless Space and Planetary Terrain Engines, Graphics Support up to 1280 x 1024 in 32-Bit
- Advanced DirectX Support Including Hardware T&L for Supported Cards, Roam, Campaign, Instant Action and Training Scenario Play Modes
- Fully Freeform and Dynamic Universe, Huge Universe w/More Than 200 Planets and Moons In Over 100 Space Regions. Space, Planetary and Vehicular Combat Options as well as 1st Person
- Choose From 6 Careers, Incl. Combat Pilot or Space Marine. Choose From 12 Races or 13 Castes, Including Military, Assasin, Trader. Choose From 9 Carriers, 10 Cruisers, 8 Transports, 24 Fighters On Planets and In Space.
- Choose from 4 Gunships and 7 Ground Combat Vehicles on Planets, Over 60 Space Stations and 50 Star Bases to Trade With, Defend, or Capture. Various First Person Weapons Incl. Sniping Arsenal. Orbit to Planet Bombardment.
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